Cell Therapy and Personalised Immunsuppression

We prepare and perform clinical trials using immune cell therapies. We develop and deliver preclinical models for immune cell therapy. We develop new cell culture technologies and biomarkers for T-cell therapy as well as identify new medical indications (severe infections) and targets (pathogen target structure) for adoptive T-cell therpy. The research on immune cell therapy is accompanied by health-economic studies. Moreover, we have the scientific supervision of the Multiuser Unit Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Research Focus

  1. Regenerating T-cell response of immunocompromised patients to combat severe infections by adoptive effector/memory T-cells therapy
  2. Modulating undesired immune reactions (transplant rejection, autoimmunity, overwhelming inflammation) by regulatory T-cell (Tregs) therapy
  3. Database management (CellFinder, a portal which provides a unified resource of diverse data on cells)


  • Clinical studies of antigen-specific immune cell therapies (e.g. EBV-Specific T-cells and CMV-Specific T-cells)
  • Clinical studies of natural regulatory T-cell (nTreg) therapies
  • Preclinical development strategies for novel cell therapeutic products (e.g. rat kidney transplantation model and humanized-SCID mouse model)
  • GMP-Grade production of experimental cell therapeutic products
  • Development of new cell culture technologies and biomarkers
  • Identification of new medical indications (severe infections) and targets (Pathogen target structure)
  • Development of data for comparative effectiveness and health economic analysis



Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
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Regenerative Therapies
Medical Department, Division of Nephrology and Internal Intensive Care Medicine
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