Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften at BCRT 2016

As every year people interested in science were delighted with the various and interactive offers on the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin premises at this year’s Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften at BCRT 2016. The cleverest night of the year attracted approximately 1,000 visitors to e. g. the Stammzellwunderland (stem cell – wonderland) and Zellsortierung für kleine Wissenschaflter (Sorting cells for young researchers) and CSI Wedding where DNA was analyzed in order to find a murderer at the Berlin Brandenburg Center for Regenerative Theapies (BCRT).

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Look back: Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2014

"Look inside, smart out" was the motto of the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2014. More than 1,500 knowledge-hungry, big and small visitors came to the BCRT.

Offer/ Experiments:

  • "Wedding-Workshop" Murder on the Charité Campus Virchow! Slip into the role of investigator: find the murderer by analyzing the genetic fingerprint! Learn about criminology, the DNA and what it reveals about a person.
  • "Remained 'Blutjung'?" Your blood cells betray your real age – and much more. We investigate this locally. Whether old or young, coffee or tea, alcohol or cigarettes.
  • "The Bone – a living organ" Hands-on activities, help us to fix different fractures. Colors on texture sections and considers them under the microscope.
  • "Sound pure sound out" Can you hear ultrasound? No – but you can understand the quality of bone and texture with him. We will send sound waves through texture and bones, and explain how you can examine the body with ultrasound.
  • "Cell sorting for small researchers" How can different types of cells separated from each other? And whoever of you is the fastest cell sorting machine?
  • "Stimuli-sensitive plastics – polymers for modern medicine experiments" Experiments on plastics for medical and other applications, and the influence of various stimuli.