Exhibitions at BCRT

Under the slogan "Science meets Art", BCRT opens its doors for young and talented artists and gives them a space to present their work. The series is led by the idea to create a place of encounter between science and art. "As in sciences as in art, both are driven by curiosity," says head of Science Management of BCRT, Julia Fahl, "Art and science may find a space to satuate and permeate each other."


If you are interested in exhibiting your art work at BCRT, please contact:
phone: +49 (0)30 450 539 500, Email: berlin@b-crt.de.

Overview of our exhibitions:

September 2014 | Scientists create Art

Dezember 2013 | Mario Thronicke, "[ki'miere]"

August 2013 | Meike Kenn, "Portraits"

Dezember 2012 | Scientists of BCRT, "Discover – Translate – Create"

September 2011 | Norman Gebauer, "In Bewegung"

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